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Meeting ID: 533 385 4151
Daf Yomi with Rabbi Shmuel Marcus, שליט"א
Motza'ei Shabbos May 30: 10:45 pm 
Sunday morning: 7:30 am
Monday - Friday: 5:30 am and 6:30 am
Ten (to fifteen) Minute Halacha Shiur (Sun, Mon, Wed. Thur.)
with Rabbi Marcus, שליט"א
Week of 5/31: 8:25pm
Week of 6/7: 8:30pm
Week of 6/14: 8:30pm
Week of 6/21: 8:30pm
Week of 6/28: 8:30pmha iur with Rabbi Menachum  Polack:
Tuesday 8:30 pm (Men & Women invited)
Semichas Chaver Program ("SCP") with Rabbi Marcus שליט"א
Monday nights 8:45pm (for men)
We will be learning the laws of כבוד שבת including the question of צאת הכוכבים - when does night begin?

SCP is the fastest growing practical halacha chabura in the world, spanning over 5 continents. SCP is a new innovative halachic study program carefully crafted for the needs of the 21st century. With a specialized focus on the ethical meaning of halacha, the program is rich with content that can easily be shared with your family.

Upon completion of each topic and successfully passing a written exam every member receives a certificate of accomplishment and divrei bracha signed by HaRav Hershel Schachter, Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, and HaRav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Binyomin Steinberg, שליט"א:
Sun. - Thu. 7:00pm
The new Zoom meeting link for the shiur is:
Meeting ID: 922 3521 2619
One tap mobile:
+1 646-558-8656,,922-352-12619# US (New York)
+1 646-518-9805,,922-352-12619# US (New York)
Questions, please contact Steve Dua at 917-723-0592.

Mon, June 1 2020 9 Sivan 5780