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Dear Friends:

I am pleased to inform you of the opportunity to sponsor the Chosson Torah Aliyah on Simchas Torah as we have done in past years.  


Kavod HaTorah, as expressed in our enthusiasm and eagerness to celebrate the completion of the annual קריאת התורה cycle, is a very special zechus that many strive to attain.
For this reason, many single men and women from the Kew Gardens Hills community join together each year to sponsor the Chosson Torah Aliyah which I receive. 
I ask these men and women to submit their Hebrew names to me before Yom Tov and following the aliyah I will recite a special מי שברך prayer for them based on a tefila composed by the Shelah HaKadosh for those who wish to find their shidduch.  
The מי שברך tefila also gives the entire tzibbur the opportunity to listen attentively and answer אמן, thereby transforming the tefila into a תפילת הרבים, a unified supplication offered by the shul on behalf of all the singles who have participated in sponsoring this aliyah.
The proceeds from the aliyah sponsorship are given to the shul in appreciation for the shul's participation in this important cause.
I encourage you to share this opportunity with any single individuals you know who might wish to participate.
Those who want to join can do so by completing the Registration Form  provided by the organizers.
Thank you for assisting in this worthwhile endeavor!
Wishing you all a Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Marcus


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Tue, October 22 2019 23 Tishrei 5780