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Each month we mail out letters reminding the recipient that the Yahrtzeit of a loved one will be in the upcoming Hebrew month. The following text that appears in the letter explains how the Nediv Yom program works.
There is also a section that explains the payment options.

----------------------partial text of the letter follows-----------------------

1- It is traditional to light a candle on the eve of this date, and the traditional act of tzedakah is performed at this time. 

2- Nediv Yom: ($72) 
During the week of the Yahrtzeit, beginning on Shabbos, all Torah learning of our shul members will be dedicated, daily, in memory of your departed loved one.

In addition, all of the Yahrtzeit names will be read aloud prior to the three daily 
Daf Yomi shiurim given by Rabbi Shmuel Marcus and Rabbi Binyomin Steinberg.

3- Seuda Shlishit: ($72)

4- Nediv Yom+Seuda Shlishit: ($136)



Picture of memorial tablets

Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783